Pittsburgh trailer and the long awaited JKX clip!

At long last, a trailer for Pittsburgh!

Doesn't it look absolutely wonderful? I can't wait to see Jeff "play" himself. The DVD is set to be released on Sept 18th of this year. While I was sort of hoping to catch this flick in a theatre I will be just as happy to have my own copy in my hot little hands in a little over 8 weeks.

While we're on the subject, here are some (probably illegally uploaded, so enjoy them while they last!) links to some clips from the film itself:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

One thing I'm not clear on: were Jeff and Catherine Wreford ever actually a couple/engaged to be married? Or was it all for this film? Not that it matters much, but from the reading I'd done I truly believed they were an item for the longest time, and then suddenly they weren't anymore. Oh, why won't the celebrity gossip columns and blogs cover more Goldblum?! (Just kidding, I'm glad that he has some semblence of a private life.)

Jeff, if you have developed a taste for younger Canadian women, well, um, *cough cough*. I'm up here. Same coast even. Yes? Yes? No? Sigh.

More YouTube goodness:

Jeff's appearance on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment

HAHA. I was born freaky, I'm the shiek of Arabeeky!

Happy Weekend, everyone.


Ankizzle said...

Hey Cee, I think Jeff and Catherine were really engaged because I remember they were still together when Jeff was doing that show on Broadway ("Pillowman" or so). Plus, I think they were engaged 3 years and the making of that "Pittsburgh" movie was probably a lot shorter.
Just my thoughts for today. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Jeff made the TMZ website:

There is video of him exiting a gym in a sweat soaked t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Recently Jeff had a small interview about Pittsburgh and Adam Resurrected.


(warning: minor spoilers.)