It's Your Birthday, Jeff!

I know I speak for your legions of adoring fans when I wish you a wonderful happy day, filled with unabashed flirting with your objet d'amor (whoever the lucky pluck should be), delicious cake in your favourite flavours, scads of wacky balloon animals, clowns, ponies, cowboy hats and a big brass band marching past playing all your favourite showtunes. We are all very happy that you were born, sir.

P.S. - Libra power!


Jeff in Canada

Imagine how nice it is to have gone to bed early after a completely exhausting day at work, and flick through channels trying to decide whether to watch a documentary on cephalopods or a home renovation show, and then stumbling quite accidentally upon an interview with Jeff Goldblum on a Canadian program.

Here he is with Canada's national cutie, George Stroumboulopoulos, on the CBC entertainment program, "The Hour", promoting Pittsburgh.

I am waiting for my copy to be delivered. I can't wait to curl up with this film. I've been waiting a long time!


Jeff Meet-n-Greet

Jeffans in NYC and surrounding areas will be happy to know that, according to the website Real New Yorkers Know, Jeff is going to be in town to meet-n-greet fans and sign DVDs of Pittsburgh!

"Come on down to J&R on Friday, September 21st at 12:30pm and meet actor Jeff Goldblum. Mr. Goldblum will be here to sign copies of his latest DVD, Pittsburgh . The film, a “mockumentary” of the small town theatre scene, has cameo appearances by Alanis Morrisette, Illeana Douglas, Conan O’Brien and many others.

J&R is located at 23 Park Row in Lower Manhattan."

Go to the source linked to above for directions. And if anyone manages to get there, I will pay you good money to get me a signed copy of the DVD...email me! I would be absolutely thrilled beyond measure to have something Jeff touched in my possession!


So, so, so far behind. Jeffans, will you ever forgive me?

My dears! I am so sorry to have been incommunicado for so long. I think I have mentioned before that due to the seasonal nature of my work it is very difficult for to devote a lot of energy to maintaining the Goldblum Standard like I can outside of summer proper. I hope you have all been keeping abreast of the Jeff news without me...I know at least some of you are since you've been sending me info and links like whoa!

First off, the most exciting thing I've read all month comes to us from Metazmom, who commented recently letting us know that Raines may NOT be gone forever, but that in fact there is hope for Jeff to return to the small screen this autumn after all! Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed on that.

Secondly, Jeff apparently played another show at the Aqua Lounge last week and so I'm looking for any photos anyone has managed to take, or video, to post on the site. I've got a few from when a loyal fan attended his performance back in July that I really MUST get around to posting.

Third, how fun is this? Nigel writes:

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin
Murphy, have released their RiffTrax for Idependence Day!

YouTube sample http://www.youtube.com/v/cPP-o8O5vmM

Promo Poster http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/2752/id4poster4forumvx8.jpg

In every single one of the 900 million aliens-come-to-earth movies
that had come before it the aliens were malevolent, bent on man's
destruction, but Independence Day changed all that. Yes, the alien's
were once again malevolent, but this time Judd Hirsch was in the
movie! Never before had this even been dreamt of, putting Judd Hirsch
in a film. It was a brazen move, one almost as stunning as casting
Bill Pullman as the president of the United States as opposed to
taking the obvious path and casting him as a guy at a Rapid Oil
Change who says, "Ahead. Little more. Little more. Okay, stop." And
never before in screen history had a person named "Vivica" done
anything let alone attempt to act credibly in a movie role.

Not only that, Independence Day dares to feature one of the most
ineffective inspirational speeches since those delivered in a bunker
in Berlin in late April 1945.

For ID4, Mike is joined by both Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, so in
the words of Captain Jimmy Wilder, Kick the tires and light the fires!*

*If it wouldn't be too much trouble. And we'd like to thank you in
advance for your anticipated cooperation in our tire kicking, fire
lighting scheme.**

**RiffTrax is to be held blameless for any damaged tires, bruised
tarsals or burnt property as a result of any tire kicking or fire
lighting engaged in by the customer.


Nigel McNaughton
'BathTub' - hey no one else was using it!

I LOVE MST3K and while I adore Jeff (obvs) and Will Smith, Independance Day ranks as one of the hokiest movies I've ever forced myself to sit through - I'm sure the commentary from the peanut gallery will be sublime.

Is anyone watching Jeff host that weekend special on Starz Cinema this weekend? We don't get it up here in the wilds and woolies of Canadia. :(

And finally, heres a great article you may enjoy reading that came to me via Google Alerts and a couple of other Jeffans who wrote to me linking to it. You may want to visit the source so that you can listen to audio of a slightly longer conversation between Jeff and the interviewer.


Jeff Goldblum

Monday, August 13, 2007
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jeff Goldblum talks about relations, religion and the real charge he
gets out of acting as the West Homestead native prepares for the DVD
release of his mocumentary, titled "Pittsburgh," next month. The mock
doc blurs the lines between truth and fiction about his two-week stint
as the star of Pittsburgh CLO's "The Music Man." He will host Starz
Cinema's World Television Premiere Weekend Aug. 24-26, which will
include "Pittsburgh." Go to starz.com for show times. He also stars in
"Adam Resurrected," a Paul Schrader film dealing with a
concentration-camp survivor's struggle to heal, due out in 2008.

Q: At one point in the film "Pittsburgh," you say, "I don't want to
act anymore. I just want to retire. It's sheer misery." Is that a
common emotion for you?

A: It's fiction, so I'm acting there. But no, I never wanted to quit
acting. In fact, it's often challenging and sometimes there's a nice
delicious kind of struggle to it but, um, it makes you delightfully
uncomfortable at times. Just the kind of adventure you're looking for
if you're an actor. But I always was deeply romantic about that and in
love with it. I've never wavered from my commitment to do it.

Q: You've never suffered from major stage fright?

A: No, not in the way I think conventionally and classically [stage
fright is] referred to. Part of acting for me has always had some here
and there ingredient of what I now think of as a kind of excitement
and heat and internal turbulence. You know? Sometimes what can feel
like trepidation or "Oh gosh, I don't know if I can do this" ... but
that's what you want.

Q: What did it mean for your family when you became famous?

A: That's an interesting question. You know, I don't know. I'm very
close with my sister Pam, who is a wonderful painter and an artist. I
think she was, you know, as everybody else was supportive of me and I
think delighted. But essentially I don't think it made any real
difference in our relationship, which has always been substantial. Not
based on anything as fleeting as success (laughing) or show business.

Q: In the film your mother is married to someone a little older than
you. Is that fiction or is it true?

A: There are many things in the movie that are fictional. There are
some elements that are taken from real life. I like it when people,
especially before they see it, are a little in the dark. In fact, I
can tell you that was my real mother, and that was Harvey Tyson, who
is in fact married to my mom. That's right -- the ages they refer to
in the movie are correct. He is 20 years younger than she is.

Q: An interesting dynamic with the family.

A: You think so? Really. Yeah, I've always been inspired by those
Cassavetes movies. It was obviously a fictional story but he would
sometimes cast [his real-life wife] Gena Rowland's parents as her real
parents and other non-actors and use them in such a way that their
acting had some extra surprising elements to it. Even though we're not
seeing it all conspicuously and prominently and dominantly told on the
surface, there is something underneath that seems real authentic and
multidimensional and complicated. That's what I was inspired by and
kind of after. I think we got that.

Q: You've been married twice and engaged a couple of times. Would you
say you are more cautious with a woman now, or do you fall quickly?

A: (Laughing) Funny question. I am, you know, I think, I know more
what I want and what I don't want more quickly these days, probably.
That's probably true. But I'm as open as I've ever been. As receptive
and easily stimulated and kind of wildly romantic.

Q: You are doing a film about the Holocaust, "Adam Resurrected."

A: Yes, well, it has something to do with the Holocaust. You know,
Paul Schrader who wrote "Raging Bull" and "Taxi Driver"... and many
interesting things, directed it. He likes to describe it as "a story
about a man who was once a dog, who meets a dog who was once a boy."
In fact the central event in the movie is how this man (played by me)
with plenty of past wounds and personal, psychological trauma ... goes
through a healing process with a young boy, and they both share a
troubled association with the dog thing. It takes place in Israel in
1961 in a mental institution. A rehabilitation center exclusively for
concentration camp survivors.

Q: Since you were raised Jewish, did it make you want to delve into
your own roots?

A: My parents sent all of us to a Hebrew School at a local synagogue.
It was kind of traditional. It was small. I had a bar mitzvah, but
then we weren't encouraged to participate much in anything. I knew
about the movie a year before I did it, and I immersed myself for that
whole year as much as I was able into all sorts of facts about the
Jewish experience in Europe during World War II, of course. I talked
to many survivors here. I went to Israel for the first time (I'd never
been) to do some research. It was very personal and personally
enlightening and disturbing and provocative and educational.


Mildred Snitzer Orchestra playing again this week!

*performing live on stage*

with his fantastic Jazz Band

Wednesday, July 25th
BAND SHOWTIME: 9:00pm Sharp

Thisis a guest list only event – you must RSVP

RSVP via email to:
Please include your FIRST and LAST name, and how many will be in your party
If you do not include your FULL NAME in the BODY of the email, you will NOT be on the list
You MUST RSVP BEFORE 4:00pm Wednesday, July 25th.

AQUA Restaurant & Lounge
A! n "under the sea" Lounge
Located at
424 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(just south of Little Santa Monica Blvd.)
Valet Parking or street parking available

Serving up World Cuisine with an Asian flair "tapas style" - and an ALL NEW MENU!

Dress Code: Hip, Upscale, Sexy.

Please call the venue to make your dinner reservations at (310) 275-8511
Tell them you were sent by Jeff Gund!
(Dinner served starting from 7:30pm)

Before & After Jeff Goldblum
DJ Chris Paul
spinning Hip Hop/80s/Rock

As this appears to be a regular occurence, I have added a permanent link to the INFOLIST.COM website on the right-hand side of your screen so you can check for yourself when Jeff's next show will be. As always, if anyone makes it out, please take pictures and tell Jeff I said, "Hi. Let us be married." ;)


Jeff and the Paps

My email was bombarded today with people sending me the link to this little blub + video on TMZ.com featuring an encounter between Jeff and the paparazzi! Considering that I just bemoaned the lack of Jeff info on gossip blogs I am really starting to think I should be putting more wishes out into the universe like that, huh?

The unfortunate thing is the TMZ site won't let me look at the video saying I'm not worthy since I'm Canadian, or something. Does anyone know how to YouTube these things? I hear Jeff's in a schvetty t-shirt, and frankly, I need me some schvetty Jeff today. Hot summer hunka hunka!


Pittsburgh trailer and the long awaited JKX clip!

At long last, a trailer for Pittsburgh!

Doesn't it look absolutely wonderful? I can't wait to see Jeff "play" himself. The DVD is set to be released on Sept 18th of this year. While I was sort of hoping to catch this flick in a theatre I will be just as happy to have my own copy in my hot little hands in a little over 8 weeks.

While we're on the subject, here are some (probably illegally uploaded, so enjoy them while they last!) links to some clips from the film itself:

Clip 1
Clip 2
Clip 3

One thing I'm not clear on: were Jeff and Catherine Wreford ever actually a couple/engaged to be married? Or was it all for this film? Not that it matters much, but from the reading I'd done I truly believed they were an item for the longest time, and then suddenly they weren't anymore. Oh, why won't the celebrity gossip columns and blogs cover more Goldblum?! (Just kidding, I'm glad that he has some semblence of a private life.)

Jeff, if you have developed a taste for younger Canadian women, well, um, *cough cough*. I'm up here. Same coast even. Yes? Yes? No? Sigh.

More YouTube goodness:

Jeff's appearance on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment

HAHA. I was born freaky, I'm the shiek of Arabeeky!

Happy Weekend, everyone.



together with

Invite you to an evening with

*performing live on stage*

with his fantastic Jazz Band

Wednesday, July 11th
BAND SHOWTIME: 9:00pm Sharp

Thisis a guest list only event – you must RSVP

RSVP via email to:
Please include your FIRST and LAST name, and how many will be in your party
If you do not include your FULL NAME in the BODY of the email, you will NOT be on the list
You MUST RSVP BEFORE 5:00pm Wednesday, July 11th.

AQUA Restaurant & Lounge
An "under the se! a" Loung e
Located at
424 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(just south of Little Santa Monica Blvd.)
Valet Parking or street parking available

Serving up World Cuisine with an Asian flair "tapas style" - and an ALL NEW MENU!

Dress Code: Hip, Upscale, Sexy.

Please call the venue to make your dinner reservations at (310) 275-8511
Tell them you were sent by Jeff Gund!
(Dinner served starting from 7:30pm)

Before & After Jeff Goldblum
DJ Chris Paul
spinning Hip Hop/80s/Rock

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Thanks to Cindy for the heads-up on this one. I've dropped the Jeff Blog ball lately so I depend on the rest of you to let me know when news-worthing stuff is happening! My schedule is crazy right up until September; please be patient with me!


Jeff Loves the Ladies

Watching the video on this page makes me wish desperately to attend a party that Jeff Goldblum is attending. I haven't done a formal count but I'm pretty sure that he puts his hands on, gazes lasciviously at, or makes a suggestive comment to every single one of the woman that he meets in this clip. HELLO, Mr. Goldblum, I'm over here!

I wish I could understand everything that was being said (is there no Hebrew word for "womanizer", though, I wonder?), and read everything that was written, but the gist of it is that this video is from the wrap party for Adam Resurrected, and everyone is tired and happy with the work they did.

Ok, and you know what else? I think he actually looks pretty durn sexy with his head shaved like this. Do it all or don't do it at all, I say.

Thanks to user room102 on the IMDB board for this flick for the link.


Mildred Snitzer Orchestra news!

ogether with
Invite you to an evening with
*performing live on stage*

with his fantastic Jazz Band

Wednesday, June 20th
BAND SHOWTIME: 9:00pm Sharp

is a guest list only event – you must RSVP

RSVP via email to:
jeffsviplist@mindspring.com Please include your FIRST and LAST name, and how many will be in your party
If you do not include your FULL NAME in the BODY of the email, you will NOT be on the list
You MUST RSVP BEFORE 5:00pm Wednesday, June 20th.

AQUA Restaurant & Lounge
An "under the sea" Lounge
Located at
424 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(just south of Little Santa Monica Blvd.)
Valet Parking or street parking available

Serving up World Cuisine with an Asian flair "tapas style" - and an ALL NEW MENU!

Dress Code: Hip, Upscale, Sexy.

Please call the venue to make your dinner reservations at (310) 275-8511
Tell them you were sent by Jeff Gund!
(Dinner served starting from 7:30pm)

Before & After Jeff Goldblum
DJ Chris Paul
spinning Hip Hop/80s/Rock

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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dwah dah dah dap doo dow dow
i like it

If any lucky "Goldblum Standard" readers go to this show, please send me photos to post for the rest of us poor saps. Oh, and tell Jeff I love him.


Lots of Adam Resurrected News + a Big Chill remake?

Courtesy our loyal compatriot Anke, who commented with a head's up a few days ago, (sorry it took me so long, I keep telling y'all I'm SO BUSY! Ha) here are a couple of links from posts on the Adam Resurrected message board on IMDB.

First, a couple of photos of Jeff on location.

And next, a link to a website that has both a five minute video about the film and many more photographs.

After looking through so many images from the film shoot, I have to say I believe that Jeff shaved his head in order to wear a hairpiece that did not line up with his natural hairline. This isn't unusual in show business - for instance I know that Orlando Bloom had to shave his head in order to wear the high-foreheaded wig for the role of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It also answers the question about why he chose to keep his natural hair on the sides, since the hairpiece would blend into them. What's unusual about Jeff however, is that he has chosen to walk around bald and proud while he waits for his hair to grow back. Most celebrities would wear something to cover up. I can dig it, Jeff! You work that gleam!

And here's a funny little nugget of trivia. Apparently someone wants to remake The Big Chill, with an entirely African-American cast. That was the first film I remember seeing Jeff Goldblum in, at the age of 9, and I was immediately hooked on his style. He became my first ever movie star crush at that point. It makes me wonder if the characters will have the same names, and who they're going to cast as Michael Gold. Whoever it is will have some big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned. Hmmm....The Big Fill?



This picture comes from Bucharest, Romania, where I guess Jeff went bald for the role of Adam, in Adam Ressurrected.

He's not the first celebrity to be spotted with a unusually gleaming pate this year.

All I can say is, I guess I can learn to love an ultra skinny, totally bald Jeff; if he promises to put up with my bad hair days and love handles.


Free Screening of Pittsburgh, and more Raines talk

If any of you Goldblumites live anywhere near Saugatuck, MI, you'll want to head out that way tonight to catch a free outdoor screening of Jeff's Pittsburgh, which I have been dying to see for three years now (ever since I read of it's creation!). The screening is part of the opening night festivities for the city's annual film festival - read about it here.

In Raines news, the good folks over at the (curiously still operational) Raines discussion board on NBC.com have started a petition campaign to try and get the (curiously still gainfully employed - just kidding, guys) studio heads to reconsider the show's cancellation. You can sign it here; if you can get it to work. I've tried a few times and been unsuccessful. Apparently this is coming hot on the heels of CBS's reinstating Jericho as a result of being inundated with peanuts from the show's fans. I think that if Raines fans are serious we need to come up with something even quirkier to mail in. How about bubbles, since that was what the show seemed to be riding from the beginning?


Jeff as Adam as a Dog

Ankizzle over on Jeff's IMDB discussion board was kind enough to send along this German article that includes a (unfortunately tiny) photo of Jeff with a good-looking shepherd named Sam. I used Google's language tools to retrieve the following, though it is painfully obvious that much has been lost in translation:

Animal coach Marco Heyse prepares its favorites for Filmrollen

As SAM created it after Hollywood

Dogs, cats, in addition, Exoten such as queues, penguins and even Kakerlaken belong to the animals, which the 34 years old Altonaer trains.

Of Franziska Coesfeld

Shepherd dog SAM stands to time with the US-American actor Jeff Goldblum before the camera. The two play in a Holocaust drama of the Hollywood director Paul Schrader also. Photo: Ott

Its school is a jump board in the film business. Because owner Marco Heyse help already many of his favorites to a career before the camera - to roles in features like “the storm tide”, in cinema strips like “Mr. Lehmannn” or in TV serials like “large city district”, “Girlfriends” and “scene”. But money and fame do not play a role for the pupils of the 34 years old Hamburgers. Star airs are strange to them. Which counts, are daily stroking units, extensive walks and Leckerchen.

Marco Heyse, which created 1994 in Hamburg its film animal school “ABC animal training”, is a professional animal coach. He prepares dogs, cats, pigs, in addition, Exoten such as queues, penguins and Kakerlaken for their employment in films and advertising spots. He trains Zurzeit with shepherd dog SAM. The Vierbeiner stands with the turning work of the Holocaust drama “Adam Resurrected” from Hollywood director Paul Schrader before the camera. “It is Sams film premiere. At the set in Bucharest it made, says its thing so far very well” Heyse and sounds a little proud. Also the actors, under it the American Jeff Goldblum, in addition, German actors such as Moritz remain-faithfully, are inspired by their haarigen colleague.

“To training above all much patience and praise belong - and a good wire to the animals”, says Heyse. Today he works with SAM and its own dog Jette on the Öjendorfer lake. “One must learn the animals to understand”, says he and strokes the half-breed lady, who ziert in the city the HVV advertisement posters, over the head. Also the Tigerpython and the two Frettchen, which live with it in Altona, are more than only usual domestic animals. It actors likewise. “Only my cat withdrew itself from the film business and into pension went”, jokes it.

Tail-wagging SAM and Jette streunen around Marco Heyse around. A gesture with the hand is enough, and the dogs bark about loud neck, place themselves dead or put the paws over eyes and lip, as if they would be ashamed. As reward they get a Leckerchen - and being astonished views of Passanten. But not all animal kinds can be hinreissen with fodder to art bits. “One cannot for example at all train queues, spiders and insects. I can only try to create certain conditions in the environment which it increases the probability that a Kakerlake crawls to Heyse approximately in the desired direction”, says. Pressure on an animal to exercise is senseless. “And one of the worst errors in my occupation.”

A completely special feeling for dog, cat, to have mouse is not the only secret of a good animal coach. “It must come from hearts - that is the most important”, like that Heyse. Then have not only humans, but also the animal fun at the work. And the chance to take over with the next film the animal main role….

appeared to 30. May 2007

If by some chance you happen to read German, you can look at the article as it's meant to be enjoyed here.


Mildred Snizter Lives

Listening to this 2006 UCLAradio broadcast (scroll down a bit to find the Flash player) of an interview with the members of the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra makes you wonder if maybe Michael Bancroft is having us on a little bit. Try to ignore the fact that it sounds as though the interview was pieced together out of several different random interviews with the band members and bear in mind that student-run radio is probably the coolest kind of radio (aside from co-op) there is.

And look, here's some photographic evidence of the evening.

This may even be from the same night, judging from the background and Jeff's outfit. What a snappy dresser!

I must apologize for the length of time stretching between updates here. It is mainly due to the fact that the waters are very still in the ocean of Jeff news, but I must also confess to being extremely busy with my own work in the summer. I scan the internets every day, though, looking for news and tidbits to post for all the Goldblum loyalists out there. As always, if you happen to find something you think should be posted here, be sure to drop me a comment or an email to let me know.

Get out there and enjoy summer!


Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

Imagine my surprise when I awoke this morning to find the entire cast of Raines standing around my bed, silently staring down at me.

"Get up, Cee-Cee," Boyer said, his countenance grim. "Today's the day."

I rolled over and rubbed my eyes sleepily, not sure of what I was seeing and hearing. "The day? Uh, what day?" I asked, sitting up.

"The day, sunshine," Raines said, standing near my overflowing basket of dirty laundry. I wished suddenly and fervently that I'd not forgone washing my unmentionables yesterday in favour of seeing a movie and going for sushi. Raines was clearly trying to not look at the lacy edges, the shiny straps, all tossed hither and yon, and failing.

"It's the day NBC formally announces which shows are returning for their Fall line-up, hon'", Lance said, as I stood up and pulled my robe on over my jammies.

"Oooh, right. That day," I replied, scratching my head and yawning. "But, what, pray tell, are you all doing in my bedroom? And...how did you get in my house?" They all looked meaningfully at one another, shifting from foot to foot, jangling change in their pockets, looking anywhere but at me.

"Wait a minute. You're not really here, are you? In fact, you're all just hallucinations. You're just figments of my imagination. You're not going to tell me anything I don't already know about this situation. But the fact that you're all here, that I'm seeing and talking to you, must mean that...."

Raines pursed his lips and gave me that trademarked hang-dog look. It all suddenly clicked in my sleep-addled brain.

"Dang," I sighed.


So, to ease our broken hearts and satisfy our most basic and petulant urges for revenge, who would like to prank call NBC with me, using this Jeff Goldblum sound board?


Raines Still Precariously Perched

NBC will formally announce the shows they've picked up for the autumn next week on May 14th. Ratings for Raines were not overwhelmingly positive (mainly due to the fact the show was bumped to Friday nights, a notoriously bad night for any show) and while every fan of the program is waiting on tenterhooks for what seems to be an inevitable disappointment (check out the official message board for Raines and you'll find the vast majority of topics there are bemoaning the loss of the program, begging NBC to reconsider, and raging against the powers that be) no one should start shedding tears yet.

Instead you should take these last few days to let NBC know exactly how you feel about the show and how much you want to see it renewed for the upcoming fall season.

How great will summer be knowing we'll be getting a fresh weekly dose of Jeff when the weather starts to cool off again?

Contact NBC by phone at 1-212-664-8857

By email nbcshows@nbc.com

By snail mail:

c/o NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112


Interesting Photos from Berlinale 2007

I was kind of idly browsing Flickr this afternoon and came across this set of photos by a photographer who attended a film festival in Berlin in February of this year. There are several shots of Jeff at what appears to be a press conference regarding "Adam Resurrected" on page 1, and pages 3 and 4 of the set.

A few of my favourites:

He's seated so demurely in this last one, is he not?

I'm a little perturbed by these photos because he looks almost like we could be related somehow. With his suit and those glasses and his hair slicked back it's almost as though I'm looking at an uncle. Ahem. I don't even want to know what Freud would say about all that.

Early Promotional Poster for "Adam Resurrected"


I would know Jeff's profile anywhere - that ain't Jeff.

Auggie Rose/Beyond Suspicion

I recently went on a buying frenzy of cheap (under $15 a piece) DVD movies from Amazon to help fill out my Goldblum collection. I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and have the Jeff-a-thon I'd been hoping to with them, but I did manage to watch Beyond Suspicion the other night.

First I just have to say that the movie should have stuck with it's original title, Auggie Rose. The title, "Beyond Suspicion" conjures up images of murder, criminals, and the justice system. And while this movie has those elements in it, it is ultimately a very interesting character study and deep exploration of what it means to choose one path for the rest of your life. I put the film in expecting another one of those kind of mediocre murder mystery thrillers that seemed to come out in spades the 90s. I'd actually never even heard of the movie before I saw it for sale on Amazon. And while I was excited to watch just because I am such a total fangirl for Jeff, I have to say I was completely and totally surprised, in a pleasant way, to be watching him in a role like this one.

The premise of the movie is that a well-to-do insurance salesman, John Nolan, witnesses an armed robbery while purchasing a bottle of expensive vintage wine one evening on his way home. The store clerk, Auggie Rose, is shot right in front of him. After the gunman flees, he cradles Auggie in his arms trying to stem the flow of blood while they wait for help to arrive. Unfortunately in the ambulance, Auggie expires, his last words ("It's going to be okay, John.") echoing in Nolan's mind.

Like any normal, empathetic person, John is clearly shaken by the entire ordeal. He contemplates, through flashbacks, how the drama could have played out had different choices been made during the wine-purchase. What if the gunman had shot him while he lay prone on the ground? What if he'd never asked for a different bottle of wine, with an intact label? Who was Auggie Rose and when would his funeral be planned? His questions lead him on a search for information about Auggie's past and ultimately he discovers that Auggie is an ex-convict, just released from prison only a few weeks before, with no kin or any friends to speak of. The idea that his body will simply be "disposed of", with no funeral and no one to care, upsets John enormously. He then goes on a quest to find out all he can about Auggie ostensibly to honour his memory, and acknowledge that he was a human being just like anyone, deserving of dignity and respect. John however - in the wake of witnessing the murder - is beginning to also have a bit of an identity crisis of his own. He is feeling pressure to marry his live-in girlfriend of six years; he finds his own career dishonest and distasteful, saying he "bamboozles" people. All of these things add up to a very confused man, who begins to (almost accidentally) slip into Auggie Rose's life.

I don't want to give too much of the plot away but I do just want to say that I am so pleased that I stumbled upon this little gem of a movie. It, more than any other movie I've seen Jeff in to date, really showcases his acting talent. He is convincing as both John C. Nolan and as the nouveau Auggie Rose, even when he is clearly uncertain of his own motivations, perplexed by how easy it was to adopt a new identity and new, unfamilliar life. The only negative thing I can say about the movie is that I feel they kind of unneccessarily dragged the crime element into it. Certainly the fact that Auggie was an ex-con, fresh out of 20 years in the state pen, meant there would be some shady business going on. But I felt that the whole story line with the thief trying to convince John/Auggie to go in on a bank heist with him and the way it sort of forced John's hand regarding the identify theft, was kind of thrown in to appease the "Hollywood masses", who don't feel any movie is complete without some kind of gun-toting violent caper action. I think that this movie could have been just as successful, and better-maintained it's artistic credibility, had they just left John to figure out his new life and how to be honest about it with his new love, on his own. No car chases, no cops and robbers, no guns. Auggie, prior to his death, seemed to be trying very hard to build an authentic and honest life, as simple and underprivileged as it may have been. I think that throwing in the bit about the bank heist was probably the same kind of thing as changing the title of the film from "Auggie Rose" to "Beyond Suspicion" - a way to try and mainstream a movie that was probably best left to burble quietly and independantly along a backwoods creek instead.

If you never seen (or like me even heard of) this movie I strongly suggest you seek it out. Even if the plot line doesn't sound interesting to you, the scene where Lucy (Ann Heche) is bathing John/Auggie is well worth the price of admission. *wink wink* Also, I prefer the alternate ending to the one they chose, but that is probably the cynic in me. You make the call for yourself.

I also strongly suspect that this film is much better than Transylvania 6-5000, which I also purchased for less than $10 but to be fair I'll reserve judgement on that until I've actually watched it. Ha.


Slow Week for Goldblumites

Not a lot happening in the news regarding Jeff this week so I've scrounged up a few oldies-but-goodies for you all.

The first is a very cool link to the personal LiveJournal of one Mr. James Urbaniak. You may know him best as one of the voice actors on the Adult Swim cartoon, The Venture Brothers, though a quick perusal of his IMDB profile should show you that he is one of the hardest working actors in show business today. What has all this got to do with Jeff? He and Mr. Urbaniak worked together on Fay Grim, and this is what he had to say about the experience:

January 19, 2006
Later that evening there was a "kickoff party" for the film, where I saw Ms. Parker Posey and met Mr. Jeff Goldblum. (Tom Ryan, Henry Fool himself, hasn't arrived yet.) Goldblum was delightful and hilarious and we spent a lot of time playing the movie game where you name an actor and a film they were in and then another actor from the same film and another film that they were in and so on. Goldblum clearly shares my love and knowledge of movies and thespians; everyone else within earshot had a hard time keeping up with us. He was very complimentary to me (when he met me he gave me a little Japanese-style bow) and at the end of the evening my wife and I shared a cab with him and he insisted on paying for the ride. A mensch.

January 29th, 2006
Every actor should have the opportunity to spend a day on a movie set with Jeff Goldblum. His enthusisam is infectious, to say nothing of his inspiring technique. The man has chops. His three energies on the set were: 1) quiet and focused, 2) loosey-goosey and hilarious and 3) manic and focused, all depending on what was going on in the scene being shot. Bottom line, he clearly loves what he does and is an open, curious and imaginative team player. I got a lot out of the experience. Vive la Jeff.

We hear a lot about how personable and likeable Jeff is, don't we? I've seen fellow entertainers rib him good-naturedly and I've heard people comment on how eccentric and flirtatious he can be, but I have never heard anyone say anything really bad about him. In this age of digging up whatever negativity we can about a celebrity and posting it on the internet for all to see, I gotta say that Jeff's impeccable reputation is at least in part what has made me such a huge fan.

To finish this post up, I'm going to show you a couple of really cute photos from what appears to be one of Jeff's early (and only) live performances in "The Moony Shapiro Songbook" in the early 80s. These photos come to you courtesy of Judy Kaye's website, who starred alongside Jeff in this notoriously short-lived show.

It's hard to tell, but that's Jeff up there on the piano, looking triumphant.

That trademark wide-eyed smiling face and his gangly height. Yummy!



Click here to see a MovieWeb exclusive clip of Jeff and Parker Posey in /Fay Grim. I wasn't sure I'd be too into this movie but seeing Jeff's handsome visage all artfully tousled and serious and stern just made me change my mind. I am even considering seeking out the film's precursor, Henry Fool so I can get the full picture - though reviews I've read insist that Fay Grim can stand on its own.

Here's something that surprised me. Did you know that Jeff does not yet have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? How is it that this man has yet to be awarded one, when "celebrities" like Ryan Seacrest and Judge Judy are already up memorialized in pavement? I think it's scandalous, frankly; and apparently the city of Tel Aviv agrees with me. The German press is reporting that the city is planning it's own Walk of Fame for Jewish celebrities.

Tel Aviv hopes to set up a "walk of fame" similar to that in Hollywood on one of the city's main streets in time for its 100th anniversary in 2009, the Ma'ariv daily reported Thursday.

The walkway, initiated by Deputy Mayor Peer Wiesner, would see copper molds with the names of Jewish celebrities from Israel and abroad placed on the sidewalk of the city's Ibn Gvirol street, a long thoroughfare which is also near most of Tel Aviv's main cultural institutions.

Candidates for the Tel Aviv walk of fame, said Ma'ariv, include Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, Jeff Goldblum, Mel Brooks, Sarah Jessica Parker, Goldie Hawn, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Crystal and Barbra Streisand.

Michael Douglas and Scarlet Johansson, who are half-Jewish, are also candidates for inclusion, the daily said.

As wonderful as this is, I still think it's a crime Jeff hasn't recieved his own star in Hollywood. I was looking around the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce website and it turns out that any entertainer can be nominated by anyone (even a fan), as long as the application includes a letter of agreement from the star (or their agent), and someone's willing to foot the $25,000 bill. Damn, I'm sorry, Jeff. I love you but I ain't got a barrel of money.

And here's a little something I stumbled upon quite accidentally while reading about this year's Tribeca Film Festival. A movie called "The Grand" premiered there last week and rumour has it Jeff has a small part/cameo, along with some other big names. According to the Tribeca site:

Woody Harrelson goes all-in to save his dead grandfather's hotel-casino from a real estate developer in this hilarious mockumentary. His master plan: to win the world's most famous high stakes tournament, the Grand Championship of Poker. Anteing up the laughs are Werner Herzog, Cheryl Hines, David Cross, Ray Romano and Dennis Farina.

In the tradition of a Christopher Guest-style mockumentary, an eclectic all-star comedic cast assembles in Las Vegas for a dizzying and hilarious trip into the world of professional poker. Parallel storylines and dozens of cameos-including the likes of Jason Alexander and Brett Ratner-intersect during the game's biggest night: the Grand Championship of Poker, with high stakes for all involved. A recovering party boy is looking to reclaim his grandfather's hotel-casino (Woody Harrelson) from an eccentric real estate developer (Michael McKean), so he faces off against an all-too naïve Midwesterner (Richard Kind) and rival siblings (David Cross and Cheryl Hines) being pushed by their megalomaniacal father (Gabe Kaplan). SNL's Chris Parnell as a misanthropic genius/sci-fi geek and German auteur Werner Herzog as a nihilistic card shark who has an interesting relationship with animals-especially his rabbit- round out the poker table. As the chips fly and the players get closer to the golden pot, it's anyone's game as surprises and antics ensue. With Ray Romano as Cheryl Hines' fantasy-foot-ball-obsessed husband, the tournament becomes a rollicking good time, and the audience is sure to have as much fun as the cast. Seasoned screenwriter Zak Penn(X-Men: The Last Stand), who follows up his directorial debut Incident at Loch Ness with The Grand, knows when to add just the right amount of structure and when to back away and allow his formidable cast to improvise, raising the stakes and bringing the comedy to its full height.

Interestingly, Goldblum is mentioned nowhere on the Tribeca site, nowhere on the IMDB page for the film, and the film itself is not listed in his IMDB filmography. I don't know if that means this reviewer got mixed up or if his part is so small he doesn't warrant mentioning, but I am looking into it. If anyone has confirmation one way or the other, let me know. It is of almost no consequence, since I'd go see this film if I lived anywhere near NYC. It features several of my very favourite performers, and of course the amazing Werner Herzog, perhaps the world's most absurd director. (He just may be Batman.)

The Grand plays three more nights at Tribeca, so if you're in the city, go check it out tonight, Wednesday, or Saturday. Tickets are $18 at the door.


Instant Talkshow!

Oh, this is a real treasure! Nick Scoullar wanders New York City randomly and spontaneously interviewing people, both regular folks and celebrities alike for his website, Instant Talkshow. How lucky for us that he just happened to be hanging around during the Tribeca Film Festival in 2006 and managed to convince both the lovely Ileana Douglas and gorgeous Jeff to sit down with him for many wonderful minutes to talk about Pittsburgh (which premiered at Tribeca last year, but seems to have since become a most elusive fish), prank call Nick's Dad, chat about the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, and share some tips and tricks for serious thespians. When you visit the site, click the link at the bottom that says "Archive" and enjoy!

Who do you think would win in a fight between the Brundlefly and Robocop?

Jeff On Ellen

And when I say "on Ellen" I mean, really on Ellen.

Not to be missed: the adorable photo they show of him at age 10 or 11 or 12 in a bathing suit.

This originally aired March 21st, 2007 as part of the press junket for Raines. I've been waiting a long time to see this - his touchy-feeliness was quite the topic of discussion amongst fans but I'd missed the program.

I postulate that if anyone could convince a lesbian to "switch teams", it would be Jeff. Y/N?

Friends in High Places

The Post Chronicle reported today that:
Actor Jeff Goldblum wasn't worried when he encountered immigration problems entering Israel, because he knew he could call on the country's consul general to give him a helping hand.

The Independence Day star encountered trouble when he was told there was a problem with his passport, meaning he wouldn't be able to travel from America to Israel.

But after making a few calls, Goldblum was joined by the consul general himself in less than 10 minutes.

He says, "In 10 minutes, the consul was there with me. We go back up to the desk. The consul general said, 'Here is my stamp. Jeff can go any place he wants.'

"I didn't want to say I told you so, but I was inwardly pleased."
(c) WENN

What is funny about this "news" story is that I distinctly recall seeing Jeff on David Letterman back in March, just before the premiere of Raines, and this was the anecdote he chose to tell. Unfortunately it kind of fell flat as a talkshow subject (there was no real punchline); but it is comforting to know that when Jeff takes me on a round-the-world trip some day we'll be able to rub elbows with high-ranking government officials and schmooze our way through customs, even with nearly-expired passports.


Ebay treasures for the day

Some lovely VHS ebay finds out there for the serious Jeff collector (I'd be after them if I had a VCR!).

Two Episodes of Ten Speed and Brown Shoe

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Made for TV) starring Jeff as the school teacher who falls in love with the wrong woman!

Let me know if you bid on either of these!

Fay Grim release details

Fay Grim is a sequal to Hal Hartley's Henry Fool (1997). In it, Jeff plays a CIA agent. You can read about it on the Internet Movie Database.

"Fay Grim" will be released in theaters (see list below) on Friday, May 18. It will be shown digitally in Landmark Theaters where available.

That night it will make its cable TV premiere on HDNet with 2 screenings at 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM.

The following Tuesday, May 22, it will be released on DVD through Magnolia Home Entertainment.

Here is the list of theaters:


Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas
San Diego, CA: Hillcrest Cinemas
San Francisco, CA: Embarcadero Center Cinema
West Los Angeles, CA: Nuart Theatre
Hartford, CT: Real Art Ways Cinema
Washington, DC: E Street Cinema
Atlanta, GA: Midtown Art Cinemas 8
Chicago, IL: Landmark's Century Centre Cinema
Indianapolis, IN: Keystone Art Cinema 7
Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema
Royal Oak, MI: Main Art Theatre
Minneapolis, MN: Lagoon Cinema
University City, MO: Tivoli Theatre
Huntington, NY: Cinema Arts Centre
New York, NY: IFC Center
Austin, TX: Dobie Theatre
Dallas, TX: Magnolia Theatre - Dallas

Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Cinematheque

You can go directly to Magnolia Pictures' website to look at the press kit and some high-res stills from the film.

The movie isn't airing anywhere near me, sadly - but I look forward to watching it at home! Hope some of you get to see it as it was meant to be seen.

Did anyone see the first film, Henry Fool?

Friday Funny

Spring Yields a Goldblum, a quite humorous song from the witty fellow over at Very Tasteful.

Jeff appears to enjoy it:

Jeff Goldblum Dances for Me!


Raines is in a precarious position

As most fans of the show are aware, Raines - Goldblum's newest foray into television - is in a precarious position right now. The show has been well-recieved by fans and critics but the ratings have been lower than perhaps NBC would like. It has been discussed on the official Raines message boards that we should begin a mail campaign to encourage NBC to order more episodes to air this autumn.

If you are someone who thinks that there just isn't enough Goldblum in your life, or who happens to enjoy quirky detective programs, you should visit this webpage and join NBC's web panel. Or utilize the following:
Contact NBC by phone at 1-212-664-8857
By email nbcshows@nbc.com
By snail mail:
c/o NBC
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Holocaust Role A Spiritual Journey

By Stephen Applebaum

April 26, 2007 12:00am

JEFF Goldblum has had to dig deeply into his Jewish heritage for his latest film.

IN 1969, Israeli author Yoram Kaniuk wrote a novel, Adam Resurrected, whose protagonist was a German Jew and once Europe's greatest clown. Having survived the Holocaust by entertaining victims on their way to the ovens, Adam Stein suffers a mental breakdown years later and enters rehabilitation in Israel's Negev Desert, where he gradually finds his way back to sanity.

Now American director Paul Schrader is making the novel into a film, with Jewish-American actor Jeff Goldblum in the title role. Goldblum has been researching the role for several months when I meet him before he starts filming. The 54-year-old Pittsburgh native spent time in Berlin, talking to Holocaust survivors and studying the lives of Jews before and during the war.

His family had a different experience of the era, he says: his grandparents left Europe in the early 1900s and therefore missed the horror of the Nazi era. His paternal grandfather came from Russia and changed his name to Goldblum when he settled in the US.

Despite the wide availability of information in so many domains since the war, Goldblum says he is finding his inquiries challenging.

"We are shooting it for a few months, which is no time in relation to what people went through when they lived through those times,'' he says. "I have talked to so many survivors and I say, 'How long were you in camps?' and they say, 'Four years.' It's just unimaginable.''

Goldblum's research has taken him down some unnerving paths. He has been investigating how to be a dog, for example, as well as how to fake playing the violin. Part of Stein's repertoire includes animal impersonations: a camp commander (played by Willem Dafoe) is so amused by Stein's canine impressions that he forces him to act like a dog, even to sharing living space and food with the officer's pet dog.

Portraying the Holocaust on film was once taboo, but this has gradually been eroded by films such as Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List and Tim Blake Nelson's daring The Grey Zone.

"The Holocaust is a very delicate, holy, sacred area,'' Goldblum says. "People are still alive (that lived through it) and the world is still affected by it. So when I was reading the script, I kept thinking, 'Is this rendition of it really good? Is there a reason not to do this?'

"As I kept working on it and meeting the cast, my instinct was that it's very worth doing. It's worth doing for me at least.''

The film's German, Israeli and American actors include some descendants of Holocaust survivors. But Goldblum is vague when questioned about his Jewish identity. He was bar mitzvahed in an orthodox synagogue in Pittsburgh, he says, and attended Hebrew school.

"There are things about me that are Jewish, although I have a spiritual appetite, I might say, where I identify myself with larger groups than just Jews. And those spiritual appetites have something to do with this movie, which is why it appeals to me,'' he says.

Prompted to elaborate, he says: "With stories of horrible, shocking, violent, complete loss, it's always - as the wisdom literature tells us - an opportunity for grace, potentially, and I'm interested in that. And that's an element in Adam Resurrected.''

When Goldblum started acting in the 1960s, training involved exploration of other mental and physical disciplines, such as yoga, say.

"I was interested in space and the magical world beyond thinking, and the magical world of being, and of being anything and nothing,'' he says.

Acting looked to him early on like it could be a "spiritual adventure''.

Goldblum's parents were interested in theatre, though neither of them acted professionally. He left home at 17 and went to live in New York, where he studied with famed acting teacher Sanford Meisner. Initially supported by his parents, he soon started earning enough money from acting to support himself.

From an inauspicious start as a rapist in Michael Winner's Death Wish, Goldblum went on to get a bit part in Robert Altman's California Split, and then a bigger one in Altman's masterpiece, Nashville. He also had a small role in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. But it was his role in The Big Chill that made his name. Since then he has moved between independent films such as Igby Goes Down and Hal Hartley's new movie, Fay Grim, which screened in Berlin in February, and blockbusters such as Jurassic Park and Independence Day.

He returned to the theatre in 2005, in a Broadway production of Martin McDonagh's Pillowman (which will have its Australian premiere in Melbourne next month) and won a critics' award. He has done more film than theatre, but doesn't prefer one to the other.

"I just like acting,'' he says. ``It depends on the material and the people you're working with.''

The material he is working on now is clearly stretching him. I ask him whether he believes we have learned anything from the Holocaust. After all, today in eastern Europe, nationalists are again targeting Jews.

"In some ways it feels like it's getting worse in some places, and in the whole human organism, and in some ways getting better,'' he says. "There's an opportunity for grace and enlightenment now more than ever, but urgently, as things are getting more radically dark, too.''



Supermarket of the Stars - The Lost Episode

This is a real gem on YouTube. Ileanarama - Supermarket of the Stars appears to be a vanity project by Ileana Douglas. The premise is that a number of famous and semi-famous actors and actresses quit show biz and begin working a "regular" job in a small supermarket. Much hilarity ensues. This is just the "lost episode" - there are actually several other well produced videos on the youtube site if you enjoy this one.

Jeff makes a wonderful cameo in this, ostensibly shopping for ingredients for a cake. He is suckered into doing a performance in the aisle with Ileana for an audience of four.

"Are you Nepali?" Haaaaaa.

Not to be missed: Jeff's rant about women at the end. OH MY. Orient me in such a way, Jeff!

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's....The Fly?

I took a screenshot from the Raines episode "Stoned Dead" (Season One, Episode Four) and mucked around with it a bit in Photoshop to come up with this for you.

It was drawn by Raines' hallucinated "vic" while they chatted in his car. The hallucination said it was his newest comic character, Captain Raines. Raines responded by telling the kid that he got his quads right, but the "bulge is a little modest". Which is just as well, since we don't want to scare the kiddies.

I have stared at this picture for a while now and can't come up with anything witty to say about it. Enjoy. I'll be over here in the corner biting my fist.

Oh, and now you can download and listen to the Raines theme song while you dribble over his image.

Insect Politics - put your foot down!

Oh, serious movie collectors might be interested in buying the half-human half-fly foot prosthetic Jeff wore in 1986's The Fly remake!

Check it out on Ebay.


Welcome to my Jeff Goldblum fan site. I don't have a real "vision" for the place yet; I just recognized a need that had to be filled online. It seems that most current information on Mr. Goldblum and his projects both past and present is hopelessly scattered across multiple websites, some of them quite outdated. I wanted to create a space where info could be gathered and disseminated quickly and easily to all my fellow fans.

I haven't got much time today for an update of any substance (I spent far too long trying to figure out how to set this ding-a-ling site up), but here is a lovely photo of Jeff Goldblum from a recent TV Guide magazine article. I originally found this on the message board for Jeff on IMDB, generously scanned and uploaded by user kelsey049.

If you have any Jeff news, images or information you'd like to see posted here, email me with it and I'll be happy to do your bidding!

Thanks for visiting. Have an amazing day!