Free Screening of Pittsburgh, and more Raines talk

If any of you Goldblumites live anywhere near Saugatuck, MI, you'll want to head out that way tonight to catch a free outdoor screening of Jeff's Pittsburgh, which I have been dying to see for three years now (ever since I read of it's creation!). The screening is part of the opening night festivities for the city's annual film festival - read about it here.

In Raines news, the good folks over at the (curiously still operational) Raines discussion board on NBC.com have started a petition campaign to try and get the (curiously still gainfully employed - just kidding, guys) studio heads to reconsider the show's cancellation. You can sign it here; if you can get it to work. I've tried a few times and been unsuccessful. Apparently this is coming hot on the heels of CBS's reinstating Jericho as a result of being inundated with peanuts from the show's fans. I think that if Raines fans are serious we need to come up with something even quirkier to mail in. How about bubbles, since that was what the show seemed to be riding from the beginning?

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