This picture comes from Bucharest, Romania, where I guess Jeff went bald for the role of Adam, in Adam Ressurrected.

He's not the first celebrity to be spotted with a unusually gleaming pate this year.

All I can say is, I guess I can learn to love an ultra skinny, totally bald Jeff; if he promises to put up with my bad hair days and love handles.


Cindy M. (Metaz) said...

Hi CEE-CEE, Bald huh, well he's still Jeff. Would be interesting to see how much attention he gets being just that much less handsome, insight to other states of being can enrich a person. It would seem that bald is not beautiful to all people. I still want Jeff with hair tho. The site to sign the petition is YouChoose.net and please still try.

kelsey049 said...

OMg. Me no likey bald Jeffeh. And why is it only the top? And not the sides? Now it just looks like he's been wearing a rug! Though I can get used to it if he keeps the glasses on.

And it looks like he has a deathgrip on that girl! Did he just get his hair cut and is scared for his life? WTF. The Betch.

Kelsey049 said...

haha, fogot to mention, he doesn't look that skinny here. Looks like he bluked up...at least his arms have *drools*

menonita said...

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Ankzy said...

Seems like his character is supposed to look older than the real Jeff ... However, there are also pics of him (shooting the movie) with grey hair where he obviously has to look older, too. Wonder what's that suppose to mean.

Anyways, here are also some Adam-Resurrected-related pics: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0479341/board/thread/47849115?d=75801110&p=2#75801110