Jeff Loves the Ladies

Watching the video on this page makes me wish desperately to attend a party that Jeff Goldblum is attending. I haven't done a formal count but I'm pretty sure that he puts his hands on, gazes lasciviously at, or makes a suggestive comment to every single one of the woman that he meets in this clip. HELLO, Mr. Goldblum, I'm over here!

I wish I could understand everything that was being said (is there no Hebrew word for "womanizer", though, I wonder?), and read everything that was written, but the gist of it is that this video is from the wrap party for Adam Resurrected, and everyone is tired and happy with the work they did.

Ok, and you know what else? I think he actually looks pretty durn sexy with his head shaved like this. Do it all or don't do it at all, I say.

Thanks to user room102 on the IMDB board for this flick for the link.


Mildred Snitzer Orchestra news!

ogether with
Invite you to an evening with
*performing live on stage*

with his fantastic Jazz Band

Wednesday, June 20th
BAND SHOWTIME: 9:00pm Sharp

is a guest list only event – you must RSVP

RSVP via email to:
jeffsviplist@mindspring.com Please include your FIRST and LAST name, and how many will be in your party
If you do not include your FULL NAME in the BODY of the email, you will NOT be on the list
You MUST RSVP BEFORE 5:00pm Wednesday, June 20th.

AQUA Restaurant & Lounge
An "under the sea" Lounge
Located at
424 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(just south of Little Santa Monica Blvd.)
Valet Parking or street parking available

Serving up World Cuisine with an Asian flair "tapas style" - and an ALL NEW MENU!

Dress Code: Hip, Upscale, Sexy.

Please call the venue to make your dinner reservations at (310) 275-8511
Tell them you were sent by Jeff Gund!
(Dinner served starting from 7:30pm)

Before & After Jeff Goldblum
DJ Chris Paul
spinning Hip Hop/80s/Rock

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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dwah dah dah dap doo dow dow
i like it

If any lucky "Goldblum Standard" readers go to this show, please send me photos to post for the rest of us poor saps. Oh, and tell Jeff I love him.


Lots of Adam Resurrected News + a Big Chill remake?

Courtesy our loyal compatriot Anke, who commented with a head's up a few days ago, (sorry it took me so long, I keep telling y'all I'm SO BUSY! Ha) here are a couple of links from posts on the Adam Resurrected message board on IMDB.

First, a couple of photos of Jeff on location.

And next, a link to a website that has both a five minute video about the film and many more photographs.

After looking through so many images from the film shoot, I have to say I believe that Jeff shaved his head in order to wear a hairpiece that did not line up with his natural hairline. This isn't unusual in show business - for instance I know that Orlando Bloom had to shave his head in order to wear the high-foreheaded wig for the role of Legolas in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It also answers the question about why he chose to keep his natural hair on the sides, since the hairpiece would blend into them. What's unusual about Jeff however, is that he has chosen to walk around bald and proud while he waits for his hair to grow back. Most celebrities would wear something to cover up. I can dig it, Jeff! You work that gleam!

And here's a funny little nugget of trivia. Apparently someone wants to remake The Big Chill, with an entirely African-American cast. That was the first film I remember seeing Jeff Goldblum in, at the age of 9, and I was immediately hooked on his style. He became my first ever movie star crush at that point. It makes me wonder if the characters will have the same names, and who they're going to cast as Michael Gold. Whoever it is will have some big shoes to fill as far as I'm concerned. Hmmm....The Big Fill?



This picture comes from Bucharest, Romania, where I guess Jeff went bald for the role of Adam, in Adam Ressurrected.

He's not the first celebrity to be spotted with a unusually gleaming pate this year.

All I can say is, I guess I can learn to love an ultra skinny, totally bald Jeff; if he promises to put up with my bad hair days and love handles.


Free Screening of Pittsburgh, and more Raines talk

If any of you Goldblumites live anywhere near Saugatuck, MI, you'll want to head out that way tonight to catch a free outdoor screening of Jeff's Pittsburgh, which I have been dying to see for three years now (ever since I read of it's creation!). The screening is part of the opening night festivities for the city's annual film festival - read about it here.

In Raines news, the good folks over at the (curiously still operational) Raines discussion board on NBC.com have started a petition campaign to try and get the (curiously still gainfully employed - just kidding, guys) studio heads to reconsider the show's cancellation. You can sign it here; if you can get it to work. I've tried a few times and been unsuccessful. Apparently this is coming hot on the heels of CBS's reinstating Jericho as a result of being inundated with peanuts from the show's fans. I think that if Raines fans are serious we need to come up with something even quirkier to mail in. How about bubbles, since that was what the show seemed to be riding from the beginning?