Jeff as Adam as a Dog

Ankizzle over on Jeff's IMDB discussion board was kind enough to send along this German article that includes a (unfortunately tiny) photo of Jeff with a good-looking shepherd named Sam. I used Google's language tools to retrieve the following, though it is painfully obvious that much has been lost in translation:

Animal coach Marco Heyse prepares its favorites for Filmrollen

As SAM created it after Hollywood

Dogs, cats, in addition, Exoten such as queues, penguins and even Kakerlaken belong to the animals, which the 34 years old Altonaer trains.

Of Franziska Coesfeld

Shepherd dog SAM stands to time with the US-American actor Jeff Goldblum before the camera. The two play in a Holocaust drama of the Hollywood director Paul Schrader also. Photo: Ott

Its school is a jump board in the film business. Because owner Marco Heyse help already many of his favorites to a career before the camera - to roles in features like “the storm tide”, in cinema strips like “Mr. Lehmannn” or in TV serials like “large city district”, “Girlfriends” and “scene”. But money and fame do not play a role for the pupils of the 34 years old Hamburgers. Star airs are strange to them. Which counts, are daily stroking units, extensive walks and Leckerchen.

Marco Heyse, which created 1994 in Hamburg its film animal school “ABC animal training”, is a professional animal coach. He prepares dogs, cats, pigs, in addition, Exoten such as queues, penguins and Kakerlaken for their employment in films and advertising spots. He trains Zurzeit with shepherd dog SAM. The Vierbeiner stands with the turning work of the Holocaust drama “Adam Resurrected” from Hollywood director Paul Schrader before the camera. “It is Sams film premiere. At the set in Bucharest it made, says its thing so far very well” Heyse and sounds a little proud. Also the actors, under it the American Jeff Goldblum, in addition, German actors such as Moritz remain-faithfully, are inspired by their haarigen colleague.

“To training above all much patience and praise belong - and a good wire to the animals”, says Heyse. Today he works with SAM and its own dog Jette on the Öjendorfer lake. “One must learn the animals to understand”, says he and strokes the half-breed lady, who ziert in the city the HVV advertisement posters, over the head. Also the Tigerpython and the two Frettchen, which live with it in Altona, are more than only usual domestic animals. It actors likewise. “Only my cat withdrew itself from the film business and into pension went”, jokes it.

Tail-wagging SAM and Jette streunen around Marco Heyse around. A gesture with the hand is enough, and the dogs bark about loud neck, place themselves dead or put the paws over eyes and lip, as if they would be ashamed. As reward they get a Leckerchen - and being astonished views of Passanten. But not all animal kinds can be hinreissen with fodder to art bits. “One cannot for example at all train queues, spiders and insects. I can only try to create certain conditions in the environment which it increases the probability that a Kakerlake crawls to Heyse approximately in the desired direction”, says. Pressure on an animal to exercise is senseless. “And one of the worst errors in my occupation.”

A completely special feeling for dog, cat, to have mouse is not the only secret of a good animal coach. “It must come from hearts - that is the most important”, like that Heyse. Then have not only humans, but also the animal fun at the work. And the chance to take over with the next film the animal main role….

appeared to 30. May 2007

If by some chance you happen to read German, you can look at the article as it's meant to be enjoyed here.


Cindy Marian said...

Hi CEE CEE, Yes I would definitely like to see a bigger pic of Jeff, and I would like to see just how much weight he has lost for this role. I read that he was on a special diet, an new work out regime for the role. I also wanted to see if you would write or e-mail the new fellows in charge at NBC in NY an try to convince them to give Raine's another chance, if only on USA channel. You have a gift with words as I have seen, and we still need you in the fight. These new fellows have already reconsidered one cancellation an maybe we can get them to reconsider our man. I know your busy but we need! you. :)Metazemom

Cynthia Marian(Metaz) said...

Hi CEE CEE, We now have a petition at YouChoose.com to save the show. How about signing it.