Slow Week for Goldblumites

Not a lot happening in the news regarding Jeff this week so I've scrounged up a few oldies-but-goodies for you all.

The first is a very cool link to the personal LiveJournal of one Mr. James Urbaniak. You may know him best as one of the voice actors on the Adult Swim cartoon, The Venture Brothers, though a quick perusal of his IMDB profile should show you that he is one of the hardest working actors in show business today. What has all this got to do with Jeff? He and Mr. Urbaniak worked together on Fay Grim, and this is what he had to say about the experience:

January 19, 2006
Later that evening there was a "kickoff party" for the film, where I saw Ms. Parker Posey and met Mr. Jeff Goldblum. (Tom Ryan, Henry Fool himself, hasn't arrived yet.) Goldblum was delightful and hilarious and we spent a lot of time playing the movie game where you name an actor and a film they were in and then another actor from the same film and another film that they were in and so on. Goldblum clearly shares my love and knowledge of movies and thespians; everyone else within earshot had a hard time keeping up with us. He was very complimentary to me (when he met me he gave me a little Japanese-style bow) and at the end of the evening my wife and I shared a cab with him and he insisted on paying for the ride. A mensch.

January 29th, 2006
Every actor should have the opportunity to spend a day on a movie set with Jeff Goldblum. His enthusisam is infectious, to say nothing of his inspiring technique. The man has chops. His three energies on the set were: 1) quiet and focused, 2) loosey-goosey and hilarious and 3) manic and focused, all depending on what was going on in the scene being shot. Bottom line, he clearly loves what he does and is an open, curious and imaginative team player. I got a lot out of the experience. Vive la Jeff.

We hear a lot about how personable and likeable Jeff is, don't we? I've seen fellow entertainers rib him good-naturedly and I've heard people comment on how eccentric and flirtatious he can be, but I have never heard anyone say anything really bad about him. In this age of digging up whatever negativity we can about a celebrity and posting it on the internet for all to see, I gotta say that Jeff's impeccable reputation is at least in part what has made me such a huge fan.

To finish this post up, I'm going to show you a couple of really cute photos from what appears to be one of Jeff's early (and only) live performances in "The Moony Shapiro Songbook" in the early 80s. These photos come to you courtesy of Judy Kaye's website, who starred alongside Jeff in this notoriously short-lived show.

It's hard to tell, but that's Jeff up there on the piano, looking triumphant.

That trademark wide-eyed smiling face and his gangly height. Yummy!

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