Interesting Photos from Berlinale 2007

I was kind of idly browsing Flickr this afternoon and came across this set of photos by a photographer who attended a film festival in Berlin in February of this year. There are several shots of Jeff at what appears to be a press conference regarding "Adam Resurrected" on page 1, and pages 3 and 4 of the set.

A few of my favourites:

He's seated so demurely in this last one, is he not?

I'm a little perturbed by these photos because he looks almost like we could be related somehow. With his suit and those glasses and his hair slicked back it's almost as though I'm looking at an uncle. Ahem. I don't even want to know what Freud would say about all that.


Kelsey049 said...

I can't believe how thin he looks! When I saw him on Conan a month or 2 ago I thought he looked somewhat sickly XD

I sat there stareing at the screen going "My gawd! I can fit my hands around his thigh! *insert dirty thoughts here*" Haha

But those are fantastic shots.
And I have yet to thank you for making this wonderful page for Jeffeh. A place where I can come and be a fan girl, and no one will judge my love affair with an older man ;)

Miz Cee-Cee said...

I'm glad you stop by to check it out, Kelsey049...

I know what you mean about him looking very thin. I thought that myself when the press junket for Raines started, especially when you compare his hunky self in interviews from 06/07. I prefer him a little more on the meaty side to be honest and I hope that he is slenderizing for the role of Adam. Once filming is over I hope someone bakes him some cookies (me, maybe? Ha.)

Kelsey049 said...

Are you kidding, of course I'm here, lol. I used to have the other horribly out of date site bookmarked just to look at the wonderful pictures. I still have them bookmarked for that, but I love knowing what he is doing.

And you movie review was pretty darn good. I would be paying that much attention to the movie, I'd be drooling.

lol, how about all us fan girls get to together and bake him cookies.

Don't know how many fan girls will be left alive at the end of baking, but at least he'll have loads of cookies =D

Jehann said...

Ach!! i gotta say he probably needed to lose weight for the movie 'Adam Resurrected' but ... what is disturbing, on one of this pics, is that he seems to be.... sick and drunk ... don't you think?

but anyway, he's wonderful.