Welcome to my Jeff Goldblum fan site. I don't have a real "vision" for the place yet; I just recognized a need that had to be filled online. It seems that most current information on Mr. Goldblum and his projects both past and present is hopelessly scattered across multiple websites, some of them quite outdated. I wanted to create a space where info could be gathered and disseminated quickly and easily to all my fellow fans.

I haven't got much time today for an update of any substance (I spent far too long trying to figure out how to set this ding-a-ling site up), but here is a lovely photo of Jeff Goldblum from a recent TV Guide magazine article. I originally found this on the message board for Jeff on IMDB, generously scanned and uploaded by user kelsey049.

If you have any Jeff news, images or information you'd like to see posted here, email me with it and I'll be happy to do your bidding!

Thanks for visiting. Have an amazing day!


Ambra said...

Love that photo of Jeff! When was that in TV Guide? I may have to order a back issue just for that picture!

Kelsey049 said...

That photo (with 2 page interview attatched) is in the March TV Guide. 2007, week of the 26th.

And your welcome for the scan!

And I'm so keeping an eye on this site.

jaunefleur said...

It's possible to order back issues of TV Guide? How??