What a tease!

This speaks for itself.

The only two words that could really make me want to watch this show, and you have three guesses...

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. The only way they'd get me to watch any Law and Order is to have Jeff in it. It's great to have him back on TV. What I've heard sounds promising. I can't help but think it should be new episodes of our favorite hallucinating homicide Det. Lt. Michael Raines Jeff was staring in on the USA net. After all Universal/NBC owns both Raines and USA. It would undoubtable be one of there most popular shows. Along side Monk.Which is ending production soon so they could use a new quirky super sleuth. Nobody can play one better then Jeff. If nothing else I hope the producers and writers of CI are smart enough to utilize Goldblum's delightfully dry sense of humor that was very much on display in Raines.