It's been a long time since we did the stroll...

Oh wow, have I ever been a bad Goldblumer over the last nearly a year. I am so so sorry to all my readers and I promise to do better in the future. My only excuse is that my business has really taken off in the last year and I've been swamped 24/7. But with autumn's approach things are slowing down and so I really hope to be able to take up the reigns on this project again. After all, Jeff is my absolute favourite hobby!

I'm assuming you all know about the big announcement for television's new season? No, no, Raines, isn't coming back (cue violins) but we'll be getting a weekly dose of Jeffy anyway as he fills the vacancy on Law and Order left by Chris Noth (who will always be Mr. Big to me). I haven't heard what role Jeff will be playing but I did think it would be pretty cool for this to become a crossover for him, and perhaps he'll stay in character as Raines. Wishful thinking, I know. It's just that he did such a service by being so perfectly weird, and the whole bit about him being heartbroken and a borderline alcoholic and sarcastic and lonely with a tortured past...oh. Let all those endearingly imperfect human traits remain!

There has also been a fair bit of gossip about Jeff's romantic life in the last few months...oh yes, I may have been in absentia but believe you me I've been paying attention anyway. In the late winter as he performed alongside Kevin Spacey in "Speed the Plow" he was apparently conducting quite the torrid affair with pop singer Imogene Heap. Which was a surprise to me because after reading this article I thought for sure we'd next hear about him dating some journalist for The Independant, in London. Ok, so just because we didn't read about it, doesn't mean it didn't happen (whoa, triple negative, there's gotta be some kind of Bulwar Lytton prize for that...)

"Ms. Cee-Cee, your grammar is atrocious!"

More recently, back home in LA, Jeff was spotted cozying up with some young chippy outside a cafe, but for the life of me I can't recall what gossip site I saw that picture on, so you'll just have to make do with your imaginations. Really, the point is that even though I haven't got a jealous bone in my body I do have to wonder why it seems anyone in a skirt can become Goldblum fodder, but me? Oh right, I live in Canada, land of igloos and the world's anti-culture.

Speaking of Canada, according to some announcement somewhere, Jeff is planning to once again attend the Toronto International Film Fest next week to promote the film Adam Resurrected, which I hope will herald a larger release in the theatres across Canada. Does anyone know where it actually premiered? If so, speak up. Anyway, this is a head's up to any Blum'ers in the T-dot, get your polaroids out, put on your shortest skirts and highest heels (yes, even you fellas) and go snap some compromising photos of yourselves with our lover man. Then send them to me.

That's enough for tonight, my lovelies...a girl's gotta sleep sometime!

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Bee said...

I just found your blog! Im adding it to my favorites, quite an honor! Your just lovely!