Still no distributor for "Adam Resurrected"

Goldblum and Schrader

This is the best thing I've read so far this week (though I admit it's still early, being only Tuesday night...)

"A movie that does not have a distrib is Paul Schrader's Adam Resurrected, which stars Jeff Goldblum in an astonishing role as a Berlin cabaret performer who survived a concentration camp by playing a dog for a commandant (Willem Dafoe). The movie is magical, fictional and outrageous, like the popular Yoram Kaniuk novel it is based on, and marks a feat of daring on the part of Schrader and Goldblum. Some small distrib will figure out that there is a long-shot Oscar play here for Goldblum, who uses every skill he ever learned in his career for this juicy sexy crazy role."

From: http://weblogs.variety.com/thompsononhollywood/2008/09/telluride-watch.html

Some little studio needs to pick this film up. Not only do I think Jeff Goldblum finally deserves Oscar consideration (he was robbed when he didn't win for his portrayal of Seth Brundle/Brundlefly 22 years ago!), but if someone doesn't pick this flick up, I won't get the chance to see it on the big screen - like so many of Jeffy's recent wonders. What's that? Why, yes, I AM a selfish woman.

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UltimateJeffGoldblum.com said...

That sucks! But from what I hear, the movies is getting great reviews.It's time for an Oscar. Or atleast a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Something!